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  • About Us

    Echelon Industries Corporation is a fifth-generation, privately held company tracing its roots back to 1901.

    Newly incorporated in 2016 as a spin-off from Jarvis Surgical, we have specialized in the manufacture of precision components for the aerospace industry since 1993. Learn more about us here

  • Lean Manufacturing

    We have recently revamped our entire shop to lean principals. Learn more about it here.

    The cornerstone of lean at Echelon is to get employees involved in reducing administrative and manufacturing waste. This self empowerment initiative ensures that the work force, the ones closest to the processes, can implement positive change. This leads to predictable lead times, cost benefits and quality improvements. It is our policy to continuously use the lean concepts to help grow our business to best serve our valued customers. Learn more About Us here

  • People

    At Echelon, we value our talented and diverse team and provide a challenging atmosphere that promotes personal and career development.

    Our team of creative, skilled, and enthusiastic employees is what makes Echelon a world-class company. We strive to challenge our employees while providing them the tools and support to grow. Combined with modern technology and equipment, there are no limits to our innovation and imagination as we shape the aerospace industry.
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  • Facilities

    Echelon maintains a state-of-the-art factory in Westfield, MA, and has an additional facility in Connecticut to support and expand our manufacturing.

    As our company continues to expand and grow rapidly, we've ensured our ability to support this growth with our multiple manufacturing facilities. Aside from our main factory in Westfield, our facility in Bristol, CT has been a world-class polishing facility for years.
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  • Engineering and Technology

    In addition to our lean manufacturing principals, Echelon is on the forefront of developing and manufacturing cutting edge technology.

    Although we have a long list of past accomplishments, at Echelon we have our eyes on the future. With our arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment and our dedicated team of engineers and developers, we have an exciting and bright future ahead of us. Learn more about our Services here