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Echelon Industries Corporation’s continuously expanding facility houses multiple CNC lathes, 4- and 5-axis machining centers, 7-axis Swiss turning, 4-axis grinding, passivation, laser marking, as well as hand, robotic, and mass drag finishing capabilities. Engineering is NX based. 2006 saw an expansion that doubled the previous plant size, and 2016 witnessed another significant expansion as we continue to grow to meet the increasing needs of our customers.

Our shop floor environment is paperless and utilizes a real time SPC data collection system. Optical comparators, CMMs, and Talyrond inspection equipment, plus a committed and skilled workforce, ensure that your products are delivered certified to the highest quality standards.

Close relationships with casting, forging and coating sources enable Echelon to provide a truly “one-stop shopping” experience for our customers. Our experience allows new launches to be concurrently engineered for optimum performance, manufacturability, and value.

Echelon has the flexibility to handle everything from high volume production to small run prototype programs. With a policy of continuous improvement, we will remain on the cutting edge of machining and surface finishing technologies, offering the best value option for your sub-contract needs.


We come from a long line of innovative manufacturing and technology.
Company History

In 1901, Charles L. Jarvis, great-grandfather of the current owner, purchased the Ideal Manufacturing Company. Located close to the Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut, the company produced nutcrackers and nutpicks. Nine years later, with redevelopment occurring and a need for more space, the company moved from Hartford to Gildersleeve, CT. By 1910, the company had grown greatly and Charles’ son, Marshall N. Jarvis, joined the company. Three years later, to honor Charles, the company was renamed The Charles L. Jarvis Company. In 1934, William F. Jarvis joined his father, Marshall, just prior to the business moving to a multi-story building in Middletown, CT.

In the late forties, the company began working with The General Electric Company hand finishing airfoils, which was the beginning of the Jarvis Airfoil business. By the mid-fifties, the airfoil business had grown enough to create a wholly owned subsidiary that we now know as Jarvis Airfoil, Inc. During the decades that followed, the company successfully expanded into manufacturing the full range of compressor blades and vanes from raw material to finished parts.

In 1980, William Jarvis retired, leaving the Jarvis Airfoil, Inc. division to his son, Wal Jarvis. In 1993, Wal opened a facility in Westfield, MA to support the medical device industry.